About This Website

This website has been created from the ground up, primarily for the following three purposes:

  • Provide information about my skills and experience
  • Share useful resources and information on the internet
  • Build and improve skills on web development
    • Above purposes are closely related to each other, and reinforce me to grow progressivly, which is also the goal of developing this website.

      This website has been developed in Ruby on Rails, where Git is used for the source code revision control, which allows a smooth deployment on Heroku, as well as maintaining repositories on GitHub.

      In addition, HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery have been incorporated for the front-end, to provide contents cleanly and smoothly.

      The complete source code of this website can be accessed at https://github.com/soheiokamoto/soheiokamoto-home.

      About Me

      Sohei at Lake Tahoe

      I am originally from Japan, has made Reno, Nevada, USA my new home. I came to Nevada in 1999 and since then I have earned two degrees from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (2003) and a Master of Science in Computer Science (2005).

      I have earned a PhD degree in Computer Science (2011) at the same university, with my advisor, Dr. Sergiu Dascalu, who is also a mentor and a friend providing me invaluable supports.

      My main research interest is in human-computer interaction, web application development, project management, and software engineering, while my curiosity is open to various fields.

      My most recent assignment as Postdoctoral Scholar at UNR involves me as a member of the Cyberinfrastructure team in the NSF-funded project "Nevada Infrastructure for Climate Change, Education, and Science". My job is to perform research and software engineering work on creating software frameworks that support interdisciplinary climate change research.