Work Experience

Apr 2009 – Dec 2011
Research Assistant
Jan 2012 – Present
Postdoctoral Scholar
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering,
University of Nevada, Reno, NV
Developed a new software framework to support collaborations in climate change research, with visual dataflow interface and capabilities for automatic code generation and immersive data visualization.
Mar 2004 – Jul 2009
Graduate Assistant
Disability Resource Center,
University of Nevada, Reno, NV
Developed a database web application to track alternative text requests and production, a survey management system to create online surveys, and an interactive text-to-speech application for Mac OS.
May 2007 – Mar 2010
Research Assistant
Dept. of Internal Medicine,
University of Nevada, Reno, NV
Developed new tools to assess energy balance in practice, with cascaded circular slide rules to estimates total energy expenditure and energy intake, using Mifflin-St Jeor equation (MSJE).
Oct 2006 – Jan 2009
Research Assistant
Dept. of English,
University of Nevada, Reno, NV
Developed an interactive on-line reports generator and data exporter for sociolinguistics experiments.
Generated various graphical charts in Excel for data visualization, and various statistical reports in SPSS.
Dec 2006 – May 2007
Research Assistant
Quadrant-One, Inc., Washington, DC
Developed an Excel-based project management tool for cost, duration, and rework analysis.
May 2002 – Aug 2002
Research Assistant
May 2003 – Aug 2003
Research Assistant
IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA
Developed a genomic analysis tool using signal processing algorithms to detect salient changes.
Developed object recognition and verification algorithms using computer vision techniques.